Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heat Transfer Vinyl now available!

We are so excited to now have Heat Transfer Vinyl available on our website.  It is so easy to use and can be applied to cotton, poly, and cotton poly blends.  Go to our website to check out all of the specifics and to order your vinyl.  Here are some fun items available (many more items will be added soon).

The number on Holy Cow can be changed to the number of your choice.  This is also available in regular vinyl for use on tiles, boards, binders, etc.
The Hands Down apron is easy to make.  Purchase or make a simple apron (most craft stores carry them), get the kids to put their hands in fabric paint and carefully place their hands on the apron (of course an adult should supervise).  Apply the Hands Down You're the Best Grandma vinyl in seconds as per instructions on the website.  By the way, Grandma may be changed to Grandpa, Mom, Dad, or another name.  This can be put on aprons, book bags, totes, and more....just use your imagination!

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